Our organization empowers people and organizations of goodwill and compassion who are faith-friendly or Christian to contribute to the common good. We do this by providing spiritual formation resources that inspire, equip, and enable a vibrant and healthy faith.

Serving individuals and organizations

Consulting services are provided to institutions and individuals working in the social sector from the fields of education, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy.

MORE320 enables people and organizations of goodwill and compassion to start where they are with what they have to contribute MEANINGFULLY to the common good.

MORE320 specializes in cross-sector initiatives that bring together: 1) secular and sacred organizations and 2) multi-sector groups that include government, nonprofits, philanthropy and education.

  • Organizational development for entities seeking to achieve greater impact and outcomes in the areas of leadership development, teamwork, strategic execution, diversity and inclusion, program development, fundraising, and culture.
  • Core initiatives working on social issues in the areas of education, employability, economic development, poverty alleviation, and social ventures.
  • A unique and customized approach that utilizes foresight, appreciative inquiry, design thinking, co-creation approaches, constraint modeling, curve jumping, and systems thinking.

Romanita Hairston – MORE320’s Principal Consultant

“I put my energy and resourcefulness into projects, ventures, and campaigns where my perspective and skills can support accomplishing systemic and long-term impact. Capacity building is my craft. I love improving outcomes through end to end business and people development. I’ve designed solutions for national and global implementation, as well as done extensive work on systems thinking at the individual and organizational level.”

MORE320 seeks to provide the right person and the right process for facilitating your objectives and accomplishing your goals. Based on your needs and the project scope, we offer a “best in class” team of professional partners. Project partners support the chief consultant/client account manager by reviewing recommendations, developing tools and/or providing insights based on their expertise and background. This creates a three-way value stream between the chief consultant, program partners and your team.
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The Tools

The MORE320 Diagnostic Organizational Assessment System (DOAS) includes a set of proprietary tools and tailored approaches to improve an organization’s overall effectiveness. It is a comprehensive assessment which helps build a plan for sustainability and success. It is designed to facilitate a swift and precise assessment of various aspects of the project from individual team members to organizational systems and teams to operational processes.

The approach involves a combination of assessment tools to include an online survey, focus groups and individual interviews that provide you with a snapshot into key areas of your organization based on stakeholder perspectives. The process helps you identify opportunities and potential blind spots, then formulate and implement the strategies to address these matters, while creating a culture of continuous improvement. The tool is designed to be adaptable to the project and the organization.

This assessment is complemented by a logical and analytical review of the key components of a sound fundraising program. Your organization is supported by facilitated processes and just in time resources that are based on best practices as you move into planning and implementation. This enables you to take the needed steps to implement with excellence.

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The Tactics

We believe in a relational approach that balances the quantitative and qualitative. Executing a successful project, depending on scope, can take 6 months to 3 years, depending on organizational capabilities and resources. We believe in the value of a firm foundation for growth, exceptional results and increased capacity within the organization. MORE320 approaches every project in a comprehensive, collaborative, and cohesive manner.

  • Employing a concentric circle approach (internal to external) of specifically staged steps, sequences and strategies with several sprint cycles in order to maintain organizational rhythm and to create a level of predictability.
  • Inviting the broader community of key stakeholders to engage in the conversation in the appropriate way at the appropriate time – utilizing advice and comment/listening feedback sessions – seeking consensus and striving for unanimity.
  • Engaging in a thorough analysis and understanding of your organization to design solutions that meet your needs, leverage your strengths and address your challenges.
  • Faith infused, where requested and appropriate, guidance that incorporates prayer to: seek God’s guidance, petition for wisdom and discernment, and request His will be done.
For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. Luke 12:48


More320 is built on a dedication and commitment to bringing out MORE in our clients and partners by helping them realize and activate their “much”!

We often think of those who have much or who have been entrusted with much as those with wealth of fame. It is true that these are resources. This passage though is about “much”! This story from our founder speaks to heart of MORE320.

I was born in a small rural town that has been the power place in the poorest state in our country at various points throughout its history. So, I was not born into a family with money or fame. That said, my first “much” would prove to be far more beneficial than money and fame. It was the gift of human dignity. My upbringing led me to recognize my own, regardless of anything I had and to respect others.

It is the foundation of the MORE320 approach, which is grounded in deep listening and understanding of the needs of those we serve. We start with dignity and end with impact. Along the way, we work in partnership to bring our gifts and talents to bear with our clients to define and achieve projects and partnership worth engaging.